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A Commonplace Book

This is Ariel Millennium Thornton's commonplace book: a library of scraps, odds and ends, intellectual kipple, or a virtual mathom house, as it were. Commonplace books are sort of like handwritten scrapbooks of facts, quotes, thoughts, ideas, and other collections of technical and creative writing, compiled and kept as a personal reference guide. This one's just collected and partly organized as a book of HTML pages.

List of Scraps in the Book


Computers and Computing:




Franklin's 13 Virtues

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Perpetually, same as with any other site. It won't be finished until it's dead.

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That Little Code Just Under the Search Link

There's a small and very short code near the top of most pages. That code is a rickdate representing the last time that page got an update Ariel remembered to log, and corresponding to the regular civil date in the footer of most pages. If it's changed since the last time you saw it, that means the page got an update, either new content or a reasonably important writing fix.