Welcome to the Thornton 2 Library

This is Ariel Millennium Thornton's library of odds and ends, intellectual kipple or a virtual mathom house, as it were.


This wiki has a small number of purposes. The purpose that is admittedly self-serving is to continue my online journal. However, the more important purpose is to catalog information and reference data that is either in danger of becoming obscure or is already obscure.

How to use

How to Use This Wiki

How to Use This Wiki
The first question that would have to be answered is, "What is a wiki?"   A wiki is a special type of ...

This particular wiki (powered by Wagn) uses the concept of cards, as with index cards, postcards, or wildcards, in which the contents of other cards can be included within other cards, not merely linked from other cards, and a page can include any number and depth of nested cards.

JavaScript is optional

A Web browser with JavaScript supported and enabled is required in order to interact with a card's features, navigate to cards directly with the search box, and to leave comments anonymously on Discussion cards.

JavaScript should not be required in order to access any of the site's text and image content or to use the search box for searching.  You can access a closed card without JavaScript by clicking on the open arrow beside the card name or by using the all-cards link at the bottom of every page.

If you're using a selective JavaScript blocker such as NoScript—which is a good idea, by the way—then please don't forget to allow (or at least temporarily allow) thornton2.com to access a card's features from the options icon, as well as recaptcha.net to post anonymous comments.


This is not Wikipedia, and it doesn't have the same standards as that demanded by an encyclopedia. But neither is this a humor-over-truth wiki such as ED or Uncyclopedia. Levity is welcome, if the editor deems it appropriate. If the edit button works, then you're the editor. Remember that.

Content ought to be true and factual, and sources ought to be cited where known, but content can contain opinions, personal observations, and original research. Such things should be claimed by the ones leaving such content. Use good judgement.

Comments can be left pseudonymously or anonymously whereever +discussion cards appear, but only those with accounts can create and edit other cards.

This site is under construction

Perpetually, same as with any other site. It won't be finished until it's dead.

The library is usable for content browsing with modern CSS-enabled browsers (including supported versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer), but some features may look odd or misplaced due to the choice of CSS compliance over specific browser compatibility.

Spam and abuse

If you're here because you seem to have received spam from an address at this domain, and you're certain the spam transited this domain to reach your inbox, then please forward the sample—with full headers intact—to abuse [at] thornton2 [dot] com. Keep the following in mind.

Please make certain that the spam actually transited this domain and didn't simply forge an address: Anyone who knows how can get any email program in the world to send mail claiming to be from any email address in the world, including email addresses that don't exist. If you send abuse reports without verifying that they were sent from or through this domain's mail servers, then your abuse reports will be considered spam themselves, and you may be either blocked or reported to your own email host as a spammer.

ArielMT is aware that spam is forging non-existent addresses at this domain as the From: address, due to the number of undeliverable mail receipts bouncing back from grossly misconfigured mail servers. If you run a mail server, then please configure it not to send misdirected bounce receipts, or upgrade to a sane mail server.

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