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Ariel Millennium Thornton

Moved to New Mexico in 2004 after eight years of honorable service in the U.S. Navy. Has tinkered with a wide variety of home and personal computer systems ranging from the Apple II to the TRS-80 Model 100 almost since learning to read, and continuing to tinker today.  Favorite PC: the Commodore 64.  PCs used daily: modern IBM compatibles with a Unix-based OS and a Debian-based OS.

What I Do

I work tech support and PC repair for a small ISP in rural New Mexico. I haven't answered the dreaded cupholder call yet, but I've answered some doozies that come close. I've been told that I'm so skilled and courteous that if I were a doctor, most of my customers would trust me implicitly. Lies, I'm sure.

From October 2009 to February 2015, I was made a moderator at Fur Affinity Forums (FAF), where I went by the same name as I do here, ArielMT. From January to August 2011, I was a support administrator at Fur Affinity (FA), and I go by the same name there as here. FAF split from FA in September 2015, moved to Phoenix.Corvidae.Org, and renamed itself to Phoenixed Forums. I was made a moderator in October 2015, stepped down in February 2016, and rejoined the moderator team in April 2016.

Where I Am on the 'Net

Traditional contact

  • Plain old email, arielmt [at] thornton2 [dot] com, with or without OpenPGP. My public key is available on keyservers and by --auto-key-locate pka.
    • Current fingerprint: 8D2B 3C25 CB3F 287A 9133 91A2 D9BE 2AE5 8BBA 0FDD
    • Previous key revoked on 2016-04-17 (Starting over).

PGP Public Key of ArielMT

Social media contact

  • OStatus (currently running StatusNet): arielmt.
  • Twitter: ArielMTSpeaks. (Formerly mof18202, which was short for"Message of 18202."  I am not the arielmt on Twitter.)
  • The pirate flag in the background of my microblog accounts is my personal standard, not generic pirate colors.

Forums and similar sites

  • Microsoft Answers Forum: ArielMT, which I can't really explain, given my rather severe dislike of most Microsoft's products.

Instant messenger

  • XMPP (Jabber/Gtalk/etc.): arielmillennium [at] thornton2 [dot] com - My preferred form of IM contact.
  • MSN/Windows Live: arielmillennium [at] hotmail [dot] com - Abandoned due to decommissioning.
  • Yahoo IM: arielmillennium

Other stuff

My Amazon wish list - If you feel like buying me anything.





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