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Hippocratic License Version Number: 2.1.

Purpose. The purpose of this License is for the Licensor named above to permit the Licensee (as defined below) broad permission, if consistent with Human Rights Laws and Human Rights Principles (as each is defined below), to use and work with the Software (as defined below) within the full scope of Licensor's copyright and patent rights, if any, in the Software, while ensuring attribution and protecting the Licensor from liability.

Permission and Conditions. The Licensor grants permission by this license ("License"), free of charge, to the extent of Licensor's rights under applicable copyright and patent law, to any person or entity (the "Licensee") obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to do everything with the Software that would otherwise infringe (i) the Licensor's copyright in the Software or (ii) any patent claims to the Software that the Licensor can license or becomes able to license, subject to all of the following terms and conditions:

Acceptance. This License is automatically offered to every person and entity subject to its terms and conditions. Licensee accepts this License and agrees to its terms and conditions by taking any action with the Software that, absent this License, would infringe any intellectual property right held by Licensor.

Notice. Licensee must ensure that everyone who gets a copy of any part of this Software from Licensee, with or without changes, also receives the License and the above copyright notice (and if included by the Licensor, patent, trademark and attribution notice). Licensee must cause any modified versions of the Software to carry prominent notices stating that Licensee changed the Software. For clarity, although Licensee is free to create modifications of the Software and distribute only the modified portion created by Licensee with additional or different terms, the portion of the Software not modified must be distributed pursuant to this License. If anyone notifies Licensee in writing that Licensee has not complied with this Notice section, Licensee can keep this License by taking all practical steps to comply within 30 days after the notice. If Licensee does not do so, Licensee's License (and all rights licensed hereunder) shall end immediately.

This Hippocratic License is an Ethical Source license ( and is offered for use by licensors and licensees at their own risk, on an "AS IS" basis, and with no warranties express or implied, to the maximum extent permitted by Laws.