A New Commodore?

A new Commodore computer, in a very 64-like form factor?  Perhaps.

Commodore USA announced a PC in a keyboard form factor, one instantly recognized by C64, C16, Amiga 600, and Amiga 1200 users, going on sale in June of this year: the Commodore Phoenix.

To be fair, it's Intel-based and doesn't resemble its noble predecessor in more than superficial appearance, but it will run one of a variety of operating systems apparently out of the box: Ubuntu 9.10, Windows 7, AmigaOS through the Amiga Forever emulator, Mac OS X (definitely not preinstalled), and AROS.

News sources:

SANS ISC (in an off-topic update), ZDNet Blogs, Kotaku, Gizmodo, Tom's Hardware, TG Daily, Drivers HQ, Google News.




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