World Wide Web

To quote Sabrina of Sabrina Online, "The World Wide Web is like a spider's web - full of dirt and bugs."


The World Wide Web (often known simply as the Web) is a completely decentralized network of hypertext documents, typically served via a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP or HTTPS).

Hypertext documents are rendered in a hypertext document browser and allow readers to navigate from one document to another by acting on a hyperlink reference embedded in the document. Hypertext documents on the Internet connect together in a worldwide web-work of hyperlinks, hence the name of the collection of documents served via hypertext transfer. A hypertext document browser that understands hypertext transfer protocols on the Internet is known as a World Wide Web browser.  (You are probably using one right now to read this page.)


It's important to remember that the World Wide Web is just a part of the Internet. It is undoubtedly the most prominently visible part, but it is still just a part.  The World Wide Web is not the Internet itself.


Whenever I use the word "web" to refer to the World Wide Web, I always capitalize the word. It is a name, thus a proper noun, thus should always be capitalized like any other. ~ArielMT

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