The Use of Real Names

Please use your real name when adding comments or editing content. If you don't want to use your real name, then please remain anonymous.

Real names doesn't necessarily mean legal or given names. As an example, Ariel Millennium Thornton is the webmaster's real name, a chosen name, but not his given name or (yet) his legal name. A chosen name is fine, as long as it's one that identifies you specifically, one which people know you by and don't know anyone else in the world by.

While the above may seem to be exceptions to the general "real name" rule, it isn't. Your real name is the name you want other people to call you, whether it was given to you or not. The kind of name you should never use here is a dramatic identity, a name that identifies a lifeless entity (such as a company, organization, or project), a common event, or a common trait that is otherwise completely anonymous. If you'd otherwise choose to call yourself a dramatic identity, then please stay anonymous.

As with all communities, people will either respect you or not based on the content you contribute, regardless of whatever name you choose for yourself.

[The one request I have for names here is that you don't choose a disposable name. --ArielMT]

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