The Standard of Ariel Millennium Thornton

I have designed a vexillological standard for myself.

The flag is a rectangle with proportions either 3:5 or 1:2, longer than it is high. It consists of a black field charged with pirate-like skull and crossbone devices of white.  The canton area has three skulls, upright and side-by-side, with the hoistward and middle skulls facing out and the flyward skull facing toward the fly.  The skulls should have teeth and jawbones, but they are not required.  Occupying an area consisting of the flywardmost 1/4 of the length and the whole of the height is a single pair of crossed longbones.

The pirate theme and colors represent independence, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a rejection of the notion that a government would have the authority to deny these to another person.  The pirate theme also symbolizes sympathy for the modern Pirate Party political movement.  The three skulls represent the three choices available in a life-altering two-choice decision.  The flyward-facing skull represents the choice that leads to true freedom, and the crossbones in the fly represent the sacrifice that may be required to realize that choice.

The current incarnation of the design:

7036 original