Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the cash cow that made Microsoft filthy rich and infamous.

(Personally, as much as I dislike Windows, I don't hate Microsoft.  I envy them.  -ArielMT)

Windows started out as a (poorly) multitasking GUI for what was then Microsoft's only operating system, MS-DOS.  With Windows 95, Microsoft bundled integrated MS-DOS with Windows, and this continued for two more versions: Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition (or Windows ME).  Windows ME was the last version of Windows whose operating system kernel was MS-DOS.

In the early 1990s, Microsoft hired most of the developers responsible for VMS and put them to work writing a successor operating system, Windows New Technology (NT).  VMS was an operating system for Digital Equipment Corporation's VAX line of servers and workstations.  (It's an interesting bit of trivia that the three letters VMS are each exactly one letter below the three letters WNT, the abbreviation for Windows NT.)  As a result, Windows NT inherited a lot of VMS legacy as well as the CP/M legacy that its sister OS MS-DOS inherited.  The first version of Windows NT was Windows NT 3.1, which paralleled the release of Windows 3.1 for MS-DOS.  The version current in 2012 was Windows 7, which is internally version 6.1.

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