How to Use This Wiki

The first question that would have to be answered is, "What is a wiki?"


What is a Wiki?
A wiki is a special type of Web site that allows users to create and change content quickly. Some wikis don't maintain a ...

So this is like Wikipedia?
In short, no. The only thing that this wiki and Wikipedia share in common is the fact that both are wikis. I'm not aiming for ...


This particular wiki is one that extends the traditional wiki concept in some innovative ways. This very page you're reading is an example of but one of those extensions: This wiki, as with all wikis using Wagn, organizes information into cards, and cards can be nested within other cards.

Unlike many other wikis, this one uses a JavaScript applet called TinyMCE as the in-browser editor for standard Basic cards, and special-purpose cards have a simple and sensible editor instead of an all-purpose editor.

There's no special mark-up to learn in order to format cards. Most of the formatting options are in TinyMCE's toolbars, and a small subset of plain old ordinary XHTML can take care of the rest.

There are many more features than can be reasonably fitted here.

Good Wiki Style
Based on the Good Style page at Wiki:
  1. Write only factual information. The only exception is when submitting fictional stories appropriate

The Use of Real Names
Please use your real name when adding comments or editing content. If you don't want to use your real name, then please remain anonymous. Real ...

The Use of Language
This wiki prefers one of two languages: English and/or Esperanto, with English the more preferred. As for the dialect of English preferred, no specific dialect ...

Notes on Conduct
Good Wiki Citizen at Wiki. Almost all of them apply here. Wiki Social Norms at Wiki. Not all of ...

Other Notes
This wiki isn't set up with threaded discussion in mind. Discussions are flat, like those of a forum or board. Also, comments aren't numbered. However, ...

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