Good Wiki Style

Based on the Good Style page at Wiki:

  1. Write only factual information. The only exception is when submitting fictional stories appropriate for this library. (Theories are okay, as long as they're supported by reason.)
  2. When writing advice, give concrete advice where possible. Abstract advice doesn't help as much. [This is a trap I fall into far too often. -ArielMT]
  3. If you use personal accounts, set them aside and sign them as your own personal accounts, so that they aren't mistaken for objective results.
  4. This particular wiki is not your personal Web site. Respect the liberty you're given over the site's content.
  5. Edit pages to emphasize the flow of ideas, not to preserve the order in which ideas are contributed.
  6. Be concise, and stay on topic for the card.
  7. Use plain language when you can. Don't use technical terms and jargon unless there's no other way to be as precise as necessary.
  8. Spell correctly, and use good grammar. No one wants a grammar nazi, but you must be one to yourself when you add content. Misspelled words and bad grammar are very hard to read.
  9. Don't edit a card unless it's lacking. If a card is lacking, do edit and give it what it lacks. Don't delete anything unless deleting adds value.
  10. Want a nice card? Please make one.
  11. Don't write anything just to upset someone. Be civil.
  12. Read any card you edit after you finish editing it, to make sure it reads well. Feel free to keep editing if necessary, or to revert the card back to its former state before you edited it.

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